CBAB Membership

When you join the CBAB, you add your voice to one of the most authoritative and respected professional organizations in the business of international trade. When our members speak, they get attention: from government, from partners in the marketplace, from customs organizations around the world. As a member, you take part in shaping the key technical and policy decisions that affect your business.

“Commited to Service and Professionalism”

Why Join CBAB

Education : Our Association offers up to date information on all trade related issues including the upcoming ASYCUDA World project Direct Trader Input (DTI), Affordable computer training courses for members who do not have the necessary skills to operate computers. Continious training and workshops on customs procedures and classification of goods by virtue of a member of CBAB on the Customs Classification committee.

Career Opportunites : Our members are able to access job postings and refferals which are distributed through the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Customs & Excise Department website and e-mail to assist in their career development.

Professional & Personal Development : Our Association host a variety of events and activities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, social events,and guest speakers .These are the many key area's to ones personal benefit and the development associations.


Application Forms

We encourage you to fill out the application form online It's quick and easy. However, if you prefer to print a hardcopy, complete it by hand, then mail it in, you can find a copy of the form in PDF format below. To download a form, just click on a link below.

 Click here to download PDF version.

 You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Download Here You can type data into the form before printing, though you cannot save that data into a PDF unless you purchased Adobe Acrobat Professional.


Membership Fees

Membership year: The Membership year runs from January until December.

Initial one-time application fee: An applying FIRST participant must pay an initial one-time application fee of BZ$100.00 before its membership is considered confirmed.

Monthly membership fee: The monthly membership fee is BZ$15.00. The membership fee is subject to change each year. The membership fee is not refundable upon membership termination.


Code of Ethics

When engaging in business practice it is important that a member is guided by these overall governing principles.

  •  A Member is to consider first, the interest of the association in all transactions and to carry out its established principles. And will not engage in conduct which is prejudicial to the best interest of the association.
  •  A member shall endeavor to keep himself or herself in formed about the current development and legislative amendments regarding customs related issues, in order to promote the efficient perform o f his or her responsibilities.
  • A member will participate in professional development programs, such as seminars and workshops in order to enhance his or her knowledge and performance.
  • A member will pledge to act as an agent within the scope of authority delegated by the client and to act in the best interest of client and will denounce all forms of improper business practice.
  • A member shall ensure that clients receive a prompt and courteous reception in all business transactions.
  • A member will abide by and encourage others to practice the code of professional ethics.
  • A member will guide and assist fellow member is in the performance of their duties and will discourage members from unethical, unprofessional conduct and unlawful activities that may be detrimental to the association, the public, public revenues and department of custom or other entities.
  • Member will co-operate with all organizations and individuals who are engaged in the activities which enhances the development of the Association, which will complement the attainment of its objective in promoting trade, commerce and industry.

Download the PDF here 


Code of Conduct

Members in applying these rules of conduct are expected to be guided by declaring any interest, practice confidentiality, practice fair competition among fellow members, avoid the acceptance of gifts and discrimination and to be cognizant of their responsibility to the environment.

  • A member shall declare any personal interests which will reasonably prevent or affect the efficient performance of his or her duties.
  •  A member as a fiduciary of their clients must practice confidentiality of all information received during the course of his or her duty, and must refrain from using or disclosing such information for personal gain and any information given by the member during the course of his or her duty shall be a representation of truth.
  • Members will pledge to each other to practice fair competition in business practice and will refrain from charging unreasonable competitive prices, with the intent to undermine other members.
  • A member will pledge to act as an agent within the scope of authority delegated by the client and to act in the best interest of client and will denounce all forms of improper business practice.
  • Members are to refrain from asking or accepting any gifts, loans or favor in exchange for anything to be done or omitted to be done by a member, which will preserve the image and integrity of the member and the association.
  • Subject to refraining from taking gifts, a member can accept small items of nominal value, however reasonable hospitality such as lunches and dinners as a business courtesy is accepted.
  • Members are to refrain from practicing any form of discrimination or harassment towards any person to whom is engaged in business activities.
  • Members are to be cognizant of their social responsibilities to the environment.

Download the PDF here 

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